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UA 307/93 - Equatorial Guinea: torture / death threats: Tobias Obiang Nguema

, Index number: AFR 24/014/1993

Tobias Obiang Nguema was reportedly arrested and tortured on 3 September in Ebebiyin, Rio Muni province. A former lieutenant in the army, he is apparently being held at the polie headquarters in Malabo. There he was reportedly severely tortured and forced to sign a confession implicating himself and Pedro Motu Mamiaga in an attempt to overthrow the government. Pedro Motu Mamiaga, another former military officer, died in police custody on 22 August. Tobias Obiang Nguema has been detained and tortured several times before. Over a dozen former military officers were arrested between 9 and 13 August. Some were sent to their villages in Rio Muni, others have not been seen since.

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