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Equatorial Guinea: Further information - Fear of torture /possible prisoners of conscience and new concern: death penalty

, Index number: AFR 24/011/2002

Felipe Ondo Obiang (m), Guillermo Nguma Elá (m), Lt. Col. Lorenzo Ondó Elá (m), Domingo Nfá Nvé (m), Benito Ntutumu Eyene (m), Donato Ondó Ondó (m), Angel Ovono Akumbega (m), Juan Mbá Esono (m), Primo Micha Obiang(m), Mariano Ekua Sima (m), Pablo Nguema Mba(m), Melchor Ndong Modu (m), Ángel Ovono Akumbega (m) are among the sixty-eight people sentenced to prison terms of up to 20 years on 9 June, after being convicted in a grossly unfair trial of plotting to kill President Teodoro Obiang Nguema, and related charges. Seventy-seven others were acquitted.

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