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Equatorial Guinea: Arrests in December 1992 and January 1993

, Index number: AFR 24/004/1993

This paper updates a report on Equatorial Guinea published in January 1993 by AI (AFR 24/01/93). Over 150 people were arrested on 17 December following a student demonstration in Malabo in protest against the detention of Celestino Bacale, a teacher and member of the opposition CPDS. They included teachers Andres Esono Ondo, Juan Nzo Ondo, Angel Obama and Jose Luis Elema Borengue. Celestino Bacale was briefly released on 17 December but was arrested less than an hour later along with CPDS member Arsenio Moro. Some detainees, such as Catholic priests Luis Maria Ondo Maye and Pedro Ncogo, were reportedly severely tortured. Also reported is the imprisonment of Jose Martinez Bikie and the arrests in 1993 of Angel Masie Ntutumu, Norberto Nsue Micha, Jesus Ela Abeme and Weja Chicampo.

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