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Equatorial Guinea: Medical letter writing action - 40 prisoners

, Index number: AFR 24/003/2000

Amnesty International is seriously concerned at the health of some 40 prisoners, particularly Miguel Vandi, Cesar Copoburu, Aurelio Losoha, Alejandro Mbe Bita, Emilio Ribas Esado, Gregorio Bomuagasi and Milagrosa Cheba (f), as a result of torture at the time of their detention for which they received insufficient or no medical treatment. Their health was aggravated by harsh prison conditions. Eight prisoners have already died in pre-trial and post-conviction detention directly as a result of torture. On 3 March 2000, their situation was made worse when they were transferred from prison in the capital Malabo, on Bioko Island, to Evinayong, some 500 kilometres east of Malabo on the continent, making it very difficult for their families to bring them medicine and food.

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