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UA 111/94 - Djibouti: rape and torture / legal concern: At least 12 girls and women (rape); at least 20 civilians, including Ahmed Meko and Ali Meko (detained and reportedly ill-treated); Hassan Douba Aramis (torture and death in custody)

, Index number: AFR 23/003/1994

There have been further reports of abuses against members of the Afar ethnic group commited by government troops in areas of renewed fighting with the FRUD. At least a dozen girls and women were reportedly raped between 3 and 10 March 1994. On 24 February in Day, Abdallah Ahmed Abdallah was reportedly summarily executed by soldiers after he protested about the rape of his sister-in-law. At least 20 civilians, including Ahmed Meko, the Okal (community leader) for Oueima, and his brother Ali Meko are believed to be held in military barracks near Tadjourah in Mabla region. Several dozen civilians, some wounded, are also believed to be held at a military post at Assageyla, Oueima region. There is concern at reports of ill-treatment. On 26 February Hassan Douba Aramis died in military custody at Soura, near Randa, allegedly as a result of torture.

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