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Republic of Congo: Further information on medical concern / unlawful detention / possible prisoner of conscience: Hervé-Ambroise Malonga

, Index number: AFR 22/010/1999

Hervé-Ambroise Malonga was released from detention on 16 October 1999. He was arrested in November 1998.

PUBLIC AI Index: AFR 22/10/99
21 October 1999
Further information on UA 63/99 (AFR 22/06/99, 1 April 1999) and follow-up
(AFR 22/09/99, 7 September 1999) - Medical concern / Unlawful detention/
prisoner of conscience
REPUBLIC OF CONGOHervé-Ambroise Malonga, lawyer
Hervé-Ambroise Malonga was released from detention on 16 October 1999.
In a letter to Amnesty International, he said: Je ne sais comment vous remercier
pour toutes les actions et démarches que vous avez faites à mon profit", "I
do not know how to thank you for all your actions on my behalf."
Hervé-Ambroise Malonga, President of the Brazzaville Bar Association and a
member of the Constitutional Council under the former government of President
Lissouba, was arrested in November 1998 and charged with forfaiture pour avoir
prorogé indéfiniment le mandat présidentiel de Pascal Lissouba (abuse of
authority by prolonging for an indefinite period the presidential mandate of
Pascal Lissouba).
Amnesty International became concerned about him after hearing that his health
was seriously deteriorating because of the harsh conditions of his detention
and that he was being denied proper medical care.
The organization was also concerned that he was being held solely for fulfilling
his legitimate role as a member of the former Constitutional Council and was
therefore a prisoner of conscience.
No further action is required by the Urgent Action network. Many thanks to
all who wrote appeals on behalf of Hervé-Ambroise Malonga.

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