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Further information on UA 133/93 (AFR 21/01/93, 26 April) - Comoros: death penalty and new concern: legal concern: Dr M'Tara Maecha, Omar Tamou, Lieutenant Abdallah Ahmed Cheik, Lieutenant Abderahmane Ahmed Abdallah, Captain Combo Ayouba, and four others

, Index number: AFR 21/003/1993

On 11 May 1993 the Comorian authorities announced on national radio the commutation of the death sentences on the people named above. It is unclear whether the commutation applies to those sentenced in absentia. Those in detention are believed to be held in Kandani Barracks in military custody under harsh conditions. It is not known what alternative sentences they are serving. There is also concern that several aspects of the trial appear to have been unfair.

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