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UA 380/93 - Chad: extrajudicial execution / fear of torture / incommunicado detention: Abbass Koty, Bichara Digui, Ahmat Digui, Adoum Badour, Mahamat Koussou, and at least 20 soldiers believed to be Abbass Koty supporters

, Index number: AFR 20/030/1993

There is concern that Abbass Koty, an opponent of President Idriss Deby, appears to have been extrajudicially executed in the capital N'Djamena on 22 October by members of the Republican Guard. The government has claimed that he died as a result of gunshot injuries sustained at the time of his arrest, but this claim has been disputed. The Minister of the Interior had alleged that Abbass Koty was in possesion of a plan to stage a coup attempt. A number of suspected supporters of Abbass Koty have since been arrested. Several people are believed to be held incommunicado and there is concern they may be tortured or ill-treated in custody, denied legal rights, and held for a long period without trial.

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