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Chad: Inquiry reveals widespread army atrocities in early 1993 in southern Chad's Logone Oriental prefecture

, Index number: AFR 20/020/1993

A commission of inquiry set up by the government in April 1993 to investigate reports of atrocities by government troops since January 1993, has had its findings published in two reports, one official, the other by two human rights groups which participated in the inquiry. They confirm that at least 300 extrajudicial executions took place in 1993, many of these in three villages in the Logone Oriental prefecture in early April 1993 - Kou-Mouabe, where up to 135 unarmed men were killed or "disappeared" , Doussaoudana and Ter villages. Both reports also name about 7 military officers in charge of units responsible for violations, including Mahamat Khamis Towile. However, the human rights groups' report singles out the Republican Guard as responsible for the most atrocities.

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