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Chad: Further information on fear of extrajudicial executions: Official statement sanctioning extrajudicial executions must be withdrawn and remedied

, Index number: AFR 20/005/1997

Georges Toubade, Karbida Nerobe and four unidentified men; and new names: Tissal Houlibele, aged 32, Guirsala Kokreo, aged 35, Ouangrebele Poure, aged 30, Faitoin Hapmon, aged 29, Djakdjinkreo Sere, aged 43, Taissam Djaoutoin, aged 40, Metoin Medandi, aged 30, Yaya Djibrilla, Djoina Lamma, aged 39: Following the issuing of an order instructing all members of the National Gendarmerie to extrajudicially execute criminals caught in the act, Amnesty International has continued to receive information on new cases of extrajudicial and summary execution in Chad. None have been the subject of official investigations. On 24 December 1996 nine people (named above) were extrajudicially executed in public in Fianga, Mayo Kebbi, in front of a large crowd, with the involvement of the local magistrate.

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