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UA 350/92 - Cameroon: legal / medical concern: Dr Victorin Francois Hameni Bieleu

, Index number: AFR 17/017/1992

Dr Bieleu was arrested on 3 November 1992 in Nkongsamba Coastal Province after visiting 50 opposition supporters detained without charge in Nkongsamba Prison. He is currently held without charge or trial. His present place of detention has not been revealed. Dr Bieleu, a diabetic, has apparently been refused urgently required medication and special foods. AI believes that he may be a prisoner of conscience, held for his non- violent opposition to the Government. Dr Bieleu is president of the opposition party Union of Cameroonian Democratic Forces (UCDF) and campaign manager for John Fru Ndi, head of the Social Democratic Front and the leading opposition candidate in recent elections.

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