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UA 52/94 - Cameroon: extrajudicial executions / torture / death in custody: Harouna Yeya, Issa Ambare, Salleh Adoum, Malloum Eli, Harouna Djidda, Allakhou Mahmat, Issa Mahmat, Abdoulaye Moussa, Ahmed Abdoulaye, and at least 12 others, including four Chadi

, Index number: AFR 17/003/1994

There is concern at reports of arrest, torture and arbitrary killings of Shua Arabs by security forces in the Department of Logone and Shari during January 1994. Several Shua traditional chiefs were arrested on 24 January, suspected of complicity in an ambush on 18 January in which 9 members of the security forces were killed. Another man arrested at the time, Malloum Eli, reportedly died as a result of torture at a military barracks in the village of N'Djamena. In an apparently unrelated incident, several other Arabs and four Chadians were arrested near the village of Afade on 21 January. Two men, Harouna Djidda and Allakhou Mahmat are reported to have died after being beaten and tortured. Another man, Issa Mahmat was reportedly summarily shot on 23 January.

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