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Cameroon: 1993: Political arrests and torture continue

, Index number: AFR 17/002/1994

This paper summarizes AI's concerns in Cameroon during 1993. Hundreds of government critics and opponents were detained for short periods, usually without charge or trial. Members of opposition parties and journalists were harassed or arrested, apparently for peacefully expressing their political views. Those arrested included Dr Victorin Francois Hameni Bieleu, Dr Andre Kekuine, Jean-Michel Nintcheu, Mboua Massock, Jean-Baptiste Nkouemou, Martin Ayaba, Pius Njawe and Francois Borgia Marie Evembe. Torture and ill-treatment of political detainees and criminal suspects was reported, including Dr Bieleu and Peter Ndoh. Two men died from injuries allegedly caused by severe and prolonged beating. They were Louis Abondo Langwoue and Cyprian Tanwie Ndifor. Two people were killed when security forces fired upon a peaceful demonstration in Bamenda on 25 March 1993 and the security forces were reported to have arbitrarily arrested and killed members of the Shua Arab community in June 1993.

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