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Burundi: Torture / fear of torture

, Index number: AFR 16/016/1997

Djamali Nsabimana, Djamali Nzeyimana, footballers; Joseph Kamwenubusa, farmer from Gitega; Roger (family name unknown), civil servant; younger brother of Roger, name and age unknown, pupil at primary school; Arthur Nyankawindemera, civil servant; Haruna, younger brother of Arthur Nyankawindemera, pupil at ecole primaire, age unknown; Leonard (family name unknown); Hamisi Ramazani, works in a butcher's shop; Faidi Vyankandondera, shop keeper; Yahya Hamisi, footballer; Haruna Hamadi, civil servant; Buyoya (first name unknown); Saido Habonimana, aged 16, student: There is concern at reports that Djamali Nsabimana, Faidi Vyankandondera, Roger and his younger brother are being tortured in incommunicado detention. These reports have raised fears for the safety of all the detainees named above.

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