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Burundi: Struggle for survival

, Index number: AFR 16/007/1995

The human rights situation in Burundi is critical. This report, based on research by AI delegates in Burundi in March 1995, documents gross human rights violations, focusing on the mass killings which have taken place in 1995. Killings of Hutu civilians have been carried out by the Tutsi-dominated security forces and by Tutsi civilians and paramilitary groups supporting them, and Hutu armed groups have killed Tutsis. Rwandese refugees have suffered attackes by both Tutsi and Hutu armed groups. In the climate of lawlessness that pervades Burundi, each killing fuels the cycle of hatred and revenge. Torture and detention without trial are reported. This report also examines the response of the international community to the crisis in Burundi, including the role of foreign governments in supplying arms. The report concludes with recommendations to the the Burundi Government and security forces, to political parties and armed groups in Burundi, and to the international community.

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