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Further information on UA 287/92 (AFR 12/11/92, 11 September) - Angola: arbitrary killings and (new concern) illegal detention: those killed: Tereza Mzovo, Pascoal Pitra, Pedro Mbachi Ngimbi and others, including (new name) "Incumbio" Macaia; those detain

, Index number: AFR 12/012/1992

AI has learned that "Incumbio" Macaia, not Placido Tati, was killed during rioting by government soldiers in Cabinda which began on 4 September 1992. Placido Tati and his friend, "Incumbio" Macaia, a civil servant, were among seven people imprisoned by soldiers on 7 September. "Incumbio" Macaia reportedly had a tyre placed around his neck which was then doused with petrol and set alight. A senior officer reportedly intervened to save Placido Tati from the same fate. He is apparently still held, with three others, by soldiers in Dinge. More soldiers and 150 riot police were flown into Cabinda on 12 September 1992. The have reportedly restored a measure of calm to the enclave.

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