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Human rights are women's rights

, Index number: ACT 77/001/1995

This report launches AI's 1995 campaign for the protection of women's human rights. It highlights the situation of women in some 75 countries, showing how much work needs to be done if we are to achieve the UN's objective of "Equality by the Year 2000". The report discusses women's human rights in the context of the universality and indivisibility of human rights. It highlights the violations suffered by women caught up in armed conflicts, particularly rape and sexual abuse. The situation of women activists is examined - trade unionists, human rights lawyers, grassroots activists etc - who are subject to violations ranging from harassment and arbitrary detention to torture, "disappearance" and even killing. The report looks at groups of women who are particularly at risk of human rights violation, namely women in custody and women in countries where their legal or social position puts them at risk. It concludes with AI's 15 point program to protect women's human rights. An appendix deals with the issue of female genital mutilation.

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