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Trade Unionists Action 1992 update: Amneh 'Abd al-Jabber Rimawi

, Index number: ACT 73/003/1992

The case of Amneh Rimawi was featured in the Trade Unionists Action 1992 (ACT 73/01/92) which was issued in February 1992. She is Deputy Chair of the General Federation of Trade Unions in the West Bank and Head of the Labour Studies Centre in Ramallah. She was arrested on 12 November 1991 and reportedly ill-treated during interrogation. The authorities allege that she is an activist in the DFLP; she was charged with possession of a firearm. On 29 May 1992, the Israeli Ministry of Justice issued a Fact Sheet about the case (appended); the main points of AI's response to the Ministry of Justice following receipt of the Fact Sheet are summarized in this paper.

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