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Death Penalty News October 1991

, Index number: ACT 53/004/1991

1. Hong Kong's legislative council backs proposal to abolish the death penalty. 2. USSR: New laws reduce scope of death penalty. 3. Grenada: Commutations in 1983 coup case. 4. Papua New Guinea: Reintroduction of the death penalty for murder. 5. Kuwait: Death sentences commuted after international appeals. 6. USA: Prisoner executed despite Mandela appeal. 7. USA: Double dose of electricity needed to carry out execution. 8. Belgium: Progress towards abolition. 9. Saudi Arabia: Executions resume. 10. USA: Judge rules against video cameras at executions. 11. Iran: United Nations human rights body criticises executions. 12. International treaties: Norway, Malta, Czech and Slovak Republic and Panama.

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