Death Penalty News: January 2006

Index Number: ACT 53/001/2006

1.) Iran executes eight juvenile offenders in 2005; 2.) USA: More than 1000 executions since 1977; 3.) International events; 4.) Liberia abolishes the death penalty; 5.) Sudan constitution allows execution of children; 6.) President of India calls for reform of death penalty; 7.) Guatemala Inter-American Court issues two judgements; 9.) Iraq: First judicial executions since Saddam Hussein era; 10.) Barbados to bring first death penalty cases to new court; 11.) Japan’s new Minister of Justice “will not sign execution warrants”; 12.) USA news; 13.) China top reinstate Supreme Court review of death sentences; 13.) Singapore execution for drug trafficking; 14.) News in brief; 15.) Death penalty statistics; 16.) International Treaties; 17.) Photographs from anti-death penalty events held around the world – October to December 2005.

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