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Building on success: Review of AI Work Against the Death Penalty: Summary of the Draft Report and Recommendations.

, Index number: ACT 50/2647/2002

Amnesty International’s program of work against the death penalty makes an irreplaceable contribution to the global abolitionist movement. Following an extensive consultation and review, the consultants conclude that the fundamental mechanisms and working techniques within the program are generally sound and are quite advanced in many respects. However, modifications of perception, strategy and tactics are called for in order to sustain the effectiveness of this work in a rapidly changing internal and external environment. The draft report (available from the IS/OLU on request) proposes a series of recommendations and action points addressing many aspects of AI work against the death penalty, including policies, strategies, research, action techniques and public information. Along with a list of future priorities, a larger and more visionary recommendation has also emerged from the consultations: a new way of perceiving AI work against the death penalty, expressed as broad principles that would guide its long-term development.

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