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Terror Trade Times: Issue no. 3

, Index number: ACT 31/001/2002

1.) No arms for atrocities : G8's uncontrolled trade in arms and military aids undemines fundamental human rights and sustainable development; 2.) Failed UN Small Arms Conference; 3.) No security without human rights 4.) India and Pakistan lay landmines; 5.) Remnants of war: The threat of cluster bombs and other unexploded ordnance (UXO); 6.) Biological weapons threat; 7.) Africa and the G8; 8.) Britons involved in Africa gun-running; 9.) The USA and Rwanda: A special training relationship; 10.) Russian weapons fuel African conflicts; 11.) Gemany, small arms and Africa; 12.) Following the oil: French arms deals in Africa; 13.) Japan to enforce arms reduction policy; 14.) Italiann arms fuel African suffering: New framework threatens to weaken controls; 15.) Canada, oil and Sudan; 16.) Optional Protocol on child soldiers; 17.) Less than safe; 18.) International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA); 19.) The G8 must obey the rules; 20.)

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