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Have you thought about joining us in our supporting services?

We have experts in Finance, Human Resources and Information & Technology based locally in our regional offices and with our global support teams based in London. If you want to use your corporate or support specialism to change the world then roles with us in these areas should be in your sights.

We focus on different areas of our organization service and resource teams here. Let’s introduce you to the Finance team:

Working in finance

Welcome to our finance page

Nicki Deeson, Amnesty International’s Finance Director

I am Nicki Deeson, Amnesty International’s Finance Director. In 1992, after qualifying at PwC, I volunteered for two years as finance manager in Bangladesh, and I have been in the NGO sector ever since, joining Amnesty in 2013.

I love working at Amnesty, and after you have read about our team, I hope you will want to join us. When I arrived, the organisation was about to embark on a major change programme, setting up new regional offices and restructuring several departments. The change programme is now fully underway and positive impacts are starting to be seen from the new structures and ways of operating. Now is an exciting time to join the organisation and help to shape its future.

What We Do

Amnesty International Secretariat’s (“IS”) Finance department is accountable for €240m raised annually for human rights work across the world.  Our role is to provide accurate financial information in creative and responsive ways, and to work alongside Amnesty’s frontline leaders to ensure growth and maximise human rights impact.

How do we achieve this?

We are structured within three teams:

International Accounting

International Accounting team

Liaises closely with our 70 partner countries to ensure effective planning, control and monitoring of global income and expenditure

IS Management Accounting

IS Management Accounting team

Supports managers to implement excellent cost/contract management and forecasting. Provides financial information and analysis of staff and activities and gets involved in significant organisation-wide projects, across London and our overseas IS offices

IS Central Finance

IS Central Finance team

Provides financial and statutory accounting, processing, governance and treasury management to London and our overseas IS offices.

Who do we work with and why?

We work closely with all areas of the business, in particular:
- Our International Treasurer, to promote finance governance
- Directors across the IS, to influence their decisions
- Human resources and I&T teams, to drive forward excellence in organisational support.

What tools and systems do we use?

We use Sun Accounts, IPOS (purchase order system) and Concur (expenses system).

Who we look for

Please read further down for an introduction to some of our team members. As you can see, we have diverse skillsets and backgrounds, however we share key qualities that are crucial to our success:

  • Listening, motivating and inspiring others
  • Pride in our contribution and in the wider organisation
  • Professionalism
  • Well organized and efficient
  • Resourceful - Taking initiative to improve ways of working
  • Striving to stretch and develop ourselves and increase our contribution.

Why would you want to work here?

Self development

All staff are encouraged to grow professionally through attendance of relevant training courses, seminars or events, and through membership of the Charity Finance Group which holds monthly meetings and networking events for charity finance leaders. The personal development plan is an essential part of our appraisal process, and we actively encourage staff to apply for more senior roles across the team whenever they become available.

On the social side, we hold regular team building sessions, lunches and drinks, and the post-team meeting pub evening is an essential last item on every agenda.


Two of Amnesty’s significant current projects are as follows. Both of these involve finance staff in key project roles.

  • The Global Transition Programme – To continue to effectively campaign for human rights in a shifting landscape, we are opening new Regional Offices in order to move Amnesty operations closer to the places where human rights violations take place. We now have regional offices in Dakar, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Nairobi, and Mexico City, with further offices coming on stream during 2015.
  • The London office move – in the context of a changing, globally dispersed organisation, we are refurbishing and rationalising our office buildings in 2015 and 2016. 

Finance plays a crucial role within the organisational culture at Amnesty. Our leaders actively look to finance to support and guide how best to use the organisation’s resources, and to ensure key projects achieve their goals as effectively as possible. This provides significant senior management exposure and staff development to the team.

International travel is not a strong feature of many roles outside the international accounting team, however if you are keen to travel, make sure you mention this on joining the organisation, as there is occasional need for staff to carry out tasks overseas.

Why did some of our current Finance staff choose Amnesty?

Stuart, International Finance Manager: After so long in the corporate world, I wanted to do something more socially responsible, and Amnesty seemed to be a useful first step into the world of charities. Plus, I’ve always admired Amnesty’s work, and its political viewpoint chimes with my own, so it seemed a good fit.

I haven’t been disappointed since I got here; everyone is passionately working to push the world in the right direction. And they are able to do it in a friendly, collaborative way.

Zoe, Procurement Officer: As a charitable organisation Amnesty is under scrutiny as to how it uses its resources, and for a procurement officer that's a challenge too good to resist! I like the extra layer of accountability that the department has to deal with, it makes my job seem more relevant and connected to the great work Amnesty does in the world. Amnesty is filled to the brim with people who are genuinely passionate about the work that they do, and it's great to be able to celebrate the organisation’s successes with them.

We’re looking to hear from you if…..

…you are keen to work with us, you have the above qualities and experience of working in a busy finance team. Even if a suitable current vacancy isn’t available do get in touch with me on