Regional Offices

We have, or plan to soon set up, International Secretariat offices in the below locations. Throughout 2015 – 2016 we will be creating and hiring into these and some new office location so please do keep an eye out for roles in these exciting locations

  • Europe and Central Asia: London (our largest office), Brussels, Moscow, Geneva
  • Asia & Pacific: Hong Kong, Bangkok with plans to develop our presence in India and Nepal
  • Africa: Dakar, Nairobi and Johannesburg
  • Americas: Mexico City, Lima and Washington
  • Middle East & North Africa: Beirut and we hope to develop our presence with office locations in the region during 2016

In this section we focus on different locations where we are currently or soon to be seeking experts of all types. Let’s talk about our new Bangkok office.

Our Bangkok office

The way we work is changing. And we want you to be part of it.

The way people stand up for their rights has changed, coming together in new ways to demand basic freedoms and challenge oppression. To effectively campaign for human rights in this shifting landscape, Amnesty International is introducing a new, global way of working.

That’s why we’re opening our first ever Regional International Secretariat offices in Bangkok.

We’re determined to increase our impact in this region with full-strength research, campaigning and capacity building teams guided by expert strategic leadership. We will have roles ranging from leadership and management, research and campaign experts, content, press and capacity building staff along with Finance and office support staff. If you feel that you have the skill set for roles like these do register for job alerts and search for current vacancies advertised for this location.