Protect undocumented migrants in Mexico

30 April 2010

Thousands of people every year travel as undocumented migrants across Mexico. They carry with them the hope of a new life in the USA.

Support activists defending the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Africa

30 April 2010

Discrimination against LGBT people is the standard in most African countries. Activists defending LGBT rights in Africa are harassed and often intimidated.

End execution by stoning in Iran

30 April 2010

The Iranian authorities continue to sentence people to death by stoning. Currently there are at least 11 individuals at risk of execution by stoning.

Stop forced evictions of Roma in Italy

11 March 2010

A new plan to close down many Roma camps in the city of Rome, paves the way for the forced eviction of thousands of people and for most (but not all) of them to be resettled on the outskirts. 

Investigate inadequate police response to xenophobic violence in South Africa

3 March 2010

Local officers failed to respond quickly enough when an armed crowd attacked refugees and migrants in a township south east of Johannesburg in February.

Make the United Nations more effective in realizing women’s rights

25 February 2010

The United Nations is a galvanizing force in setting new international standards and commitments to protect and promote women’s human rights especially those at risk of violence, or facing poverty. Make the United Nations more effective in realizing women’s rights.

Abolish the death penalty in Mongolia

18 February 2010

Mongolia announced a moratorium on executions in January. Now it is time for the country to take the necessary steps to abolish the death penalty in law.

Chad: No Safe Place for Women

19 February 2010

Sudanese Women living in refugee camps face rape and other violence. Outside the camps, they face a range of abuses from harassment and threats to physical attacks.

Strengthen the European Court of Human Rights

17 February 2010

As member states discuss reforms of the Court this week, call on them to only consider those that strengthen the protection of human rights.

Stop mining and refinery projects from devastating communities in India

9 February 2010

Plans to mine bauxite in the Indian state of Orissa threaten the existence of an indigenous community that has lived in the area for centuries.

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