Accountable now

Amnesty International is a founding Member of Accountable Now (formerly known as INGO Accountability Charter), a cross-sectoral platform of 25 international civil society organizations. Together, we strive to be transparent, responsive to stakeholders and focused on delivering impact.

We have signed ten globally agreed upon Accountability Commitments and seek to meet best-practice standards on public accountability and transparency, including in good governance, ethical fundraising, responsible advocacy and multi-stakeholder participation.

Annually AI reports publicly on our economic, environmental and social performance according to the Accountable Now Reporting Guidelines to an Independent Review Panel. Learn more about our work and responsibility towards our stakeholders in our Accountability Reports

Together with Accountable Now, Amnesty International co-shapes the accountability standards of the future!

What does this mean for Amnesty?

This year Amnesty International is embarking on its new global strategy (Taking Injustice Personally: Strategic Goals 2016-2019) that seeks to address the biggest challenges the human rights movement is facing today.

Our commitment to mount a forceful response to these crises drives us to learn, to innovate and to steadily adapt the way we approach and win human rights change. The defining processes of global transition and global strategy development have further crystallized our approach to both human rights impact and accountability. It is an approach that emphasizes and balances: agility and persistence, expertise and collective power.

So, for us accountability is a commitment to doing all our work in ways that:

  • Strengthen the wider human rights movement – our partners, communities and networks –
  • Improve our joint capacity to create sustainable change at local, national, global levels.

To keep us in check as we walk this path, our Impact and Learning system accompanies the delivery our programmes of work at all levels: national, regional and global. The system features annual deep-dive reviews with our partners and other stakeholders and global strategic groups charged with trends scanning responsibilities. It is designed for increasing strategy adaptation, collaborative analysis of successes and failures, and external feedback.

The latest of Amnesty International’s compliance reports can be found at:

INGO Accountability Charter Global Compliance report 2016

INGO Accountability Charter Global Compliance report 2014

INGO Accountability Charter Global Compliance report 2013

Feedback from Panel to Amnesty International 

Amnesty response to INGO Charter Feedback

To read previous Amnesty International’s compliance reports:

INGO Accountability Charter Global Compliance report 2012

INGO Accountability Charter Global Compliance report 2011

INGO Accountability Charter Global Compliance report 2010

INGO Accountability Charter Global Compliance report 2009

Find further information including information regarding other signatories at the website of the INGO accountability charter


Whoever you are, whether you are happy or unhappy about any aspect of our activity or work, we value your feedback.