2015 Global financial report
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Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 7 million people. We take action — and empower others — to expose and stand against injustice and repression in all corners of the world.

Through research and campaigning, we work to bring torturers to justice, oppose oppression and help free people jailed simply for voicing their opinions.

We investigated and exposed the facts, campaigned and bore witness. We mobilised millions of people worldwide to speak out for justice, freedom and dignity, and to help defend activists on the human rights front-line. 

All this was made possible thanks to the support and generosity of our members, supporters and donors. Thank you!

Amnesty International
We work to bring torturers to justice, oppose oppression and help free people jailed simply for voicing their opinions.

In 2015, we documented human rights violations across the world. At least:


states tortured or ill-treated people.


countries locked up prisoners of conscience – people imprisoned simply for exercising their rights and freedoms.


states illegally forced refugees to return to countries where they would be in danger.


We know from campaigning for human rights for 55 years that every individual can make a positive difference – but millions standing together for freedom, justice and dignity can change the world. People united in common action – across border and beliefs – can make human rights change happen. 

We are always cautious about claiming credit for human rights victories. These are often achieved through many factors, actions and actors. Sometimes too, change can take years – but no situation is beyond hope. 

Yet there were many stories of hope in 2015 where we believe our contribution was significant. 

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Amnesty International
This global finance report shows information from our global movement as a whole, and is part of our commitment to be as transparent and accountable as possible.

Impartial. Independent. Accurate.

Where our money comes from

Our deeply held core principles of impartiality, independence and accuracy underpin everything we do. This is built on an understanding that all rights must be respected together if we are to achieve a world free from fear and want.

In 2015, we raised €278m for human rights work, an increase of 13% from 2014 (€247m).

The vast majority of our income comes from small donations from private individuals.
Amnesty International

We received only one restricted donation over €1m: the Norwegian telethon who donated €5.3m for 2015 (in 2014, they donated €5m) which was earmarked for human rights research and campaigning across justice themes.

We believe, therefore, that we are fully independent in setting our strategic and operational goals.

Global donations

More than 2 million individuals donated to Amnesty International in 2015

We do not accept money from governments other than in very limited circumstances, including human rights education, which makes up less than 1% of our total income. We are fully independent of governments, political ideologies, economic interests and religions. Our work relies on individuals like you.

How we spend our money

Our global income is crucial to achieving human rights impact and change.

95% of this income is “unrestricted”. This means we are not asked to use it in a particular way – so we can spend most of our money wherever in the world the need is greatest. 

In 2015 our global expenditure was €260m (in 2014, it was €234). The pie chart shows the breakdown of what was spent.

Research. Evidence. Action.

What we spend our money on

Our action for human rights is based on the foundations of high-quality research, evidence and legal analysis.

This is accompanied by effective campaigning action, international solidarity and relentless global pressure to insist that governments live up to the promises made in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Our work covers the whole spectrum of human rights.

The top human rights issues we spent money on in 2015 were defending people from violence -- including our work on the death penalty, the arms trade and international justice – and freedom of expression and freedom from discrimination – including our work on individuals at risk.

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