Yugoslavia: Torture and deliberate and arbitrary killings in war zones

Amnesty International is concerned about reports from war zones of deliberate killings of unarmed civilians and captured or wounded members of the armed forces and about the reported ill-treatment and torture of people detained in connnection with the fighting. The available information indicates that all sides have committed atrocities. The incidents reported here include killings of Croats and Serbs by government and paramilitary forces in Zamlaca, Struga, Dalj, Sarvas, Lovinac, Pecki, Kinjacka, Cakle, Trnjani, Cetekovac, Karlovac and Zadar. Torture, ill-treatment and deaths in detention have been reported from Dreznik, Bileca, Bucje, Zadar, Knin, Dalj, and Titova Korenica. The victims of these abuses include elderly people, women and religious workers.

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