Austria: The alleged ill-treatment of foreigners: a summary of concerns

AI has received a number of allegations during the past year of the ill-treatment of foreigners, some of them asylum seekers, by police or prison officers. Some detainees were allegedly ill-treated while in administrative detention awaiting deporation (Schubhaft). They include: Amor Jelliti (Tunisian); Dickson Nosa Oviawe (Nigerian); and Orlando Frederik Mensah, a black man of Dutch nationality. Cases of ill-treatment in police custody include: Osaren Atewe, a Nigerian chemical engineer, and his wife Eunice; and the case of Salim Y, an Algerian man whose ill-treatment by plainclothes police at Linz Airport was witnessed by two representatives of the Centre for Constitutional Rights in New York. Updates are given on the cases of the ill-treatment of Ahmet S. (Turkish) and Qani Halimi-Nedzibi.

اختيار لغة لعرض التقرير

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