Racist torture and ill-treatment by police in Western Europe: appeal cases

Cases of racist ill-treatment and torture by police in seven West European countries are described here. They are: the beating and ill-treatment of two Austrian citizens of Egyptian origin in March 1989; the beating and insulting of a young black man resident in Paris in September 1989; the ill-treatment of asylum-seekers during a police raid on their hostel in Granitz, Germany, in June 1992; the death after detention of a Turkish refugee in Athens in January 1991; the beating unconscious of a Somali asylum-seeker in police custody in Rome, March 1992; the severe beating and insulting of a Portuguese citizen of Angolan origin, December 1991; the beating of two Arab tourists in Ibiza, September 1991; the beating and insulting of a black man in London, April 1988.

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