Colombia: Possible extrajudicial executions / “disappearance” / fear for safety

Jorge Alirio Salazar, Jose Toro, Raul Zapata, Raul Toro, Celina Toro (f) teacher, Lucia Martinez (f) teacher and other inhabitants of Cristales village: AI is concerned for the safety of the inhabitants of Cristales village in the municipalitiy of San Roque, Antioquia department, following the killing, in curcumstances suggesting extrajudicial execution, of Alfonso Zuleta, Jaime Puerta, Francisco Castrillon and the “disappearance of Jorge Alirio Salazar. The killings were carried out by a group of armed and uniformed men who identified themselves as members of a paramilitary group. There is also concern for the safety of Jose Toro, Raul Zapata, Raul Toro, the two women teachers and several peasant farmers who were not present when the paramilitary group called out their names from a list.

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