Amnesty International material on enforced disappearances



Russian Federation: What Justice for Chechnya’s disappeared? (23 May 2007, EUR 46/026/2007)

Press statements/ news features:
Russian authorities ruled responsible for Chechen women's disappearance (news feature, 3 June 2008)

Russian Federation: The palpable undercurrent of fear and violence (news feature, 27 July 2006)

Russian Federation: Do not repeat mistakes made in Chechnya (press release, 25 October 2007, EUR 46/045/2007)

Russian Federation: European Court of Human Rights finds Russia responsible yet again for enforced disappearance in Chechnya (news flash, 5 July 2007, EUR 46/028/2007)

Russian Federation must end torture, ill-treatment, ‘disappearances’ and arbitrary detention in Chechnya (public statement, 14 March 2007, EUR 46/009/2007)

Russian Federation: First ruling of the European Court of Human Rights against ‘disappearances’ in Chechnya (press release, 26 July 2006, EUR 46/034/2006)

Cases/ Actions/ Campaign Materials:
Demand the truth about student’s disappearance(on Artur Akhmatkhanov), (Appeal for action 10 December 2007)

UA 152/08, Possible disappearance/fear of torture/incommunicado detention, Isa Lechievich Khalitov (Urgent Action, 02 June 2008, EUR 46/021/2008)

UA 218/08 Fear for safety/torture/incommunicado detention/enforced disappearance. Makhmadsalors Delilovich Masaev (also known as Mukhamadsalakh Masaev) (Urgent Action, 06 August 2008, EUR 46/025/2008)

UA 224/07 Fear for safety/torture/enforced disappearance, Ibragim Mukhmedovich Gazdiev (Urgent Action, 30 August 2007, EUR 46/037/2007)

UA 93/06 "Disappearance"/Fear of torture and ill-treatment, Bulat Sultanovich Chilaev, Aslan Israilov (Urgent Action, 18 April 2006, EUR 46/015/2006)

UA 231/06 Disappearance"/abduction/torture and ill-treatment, Elina Ersenoeva (Urgent Action, 29 August 2006, EUR 46/040/2006)


Cases/ Actions/ Campaign Materials:

Campaign Brief: Witnessing Justice – Breaking the Chain of Impunity (July 2008, ASA 35/003/2008)

Case Card: Nelson Asucena, Filipino National Disappeared (July 2008, ASA 35/004/2008)

The Wire, August 2008, VOL 38 NO.7, NWS 21/007/2008


Cases/ Actions/ Campaign Materials:
Syria: Fear of torture or other ill-treatment (Urgent Action 231/08, 19 August 2008, MDE 24/026/2008)

Syria: Incommunicado Detention/Fear of torture or ill-treatment of Jerome (also known as ‘Abd al-Rahim) Kwame Hibell (m), aged 25, British national (Urgent Action 50/072, March 2007, MDE 24/017/2007)


Cases/ Actions/ Campaign Materials:
Iraq: Enforced disappearance/Fear of torture or other ill-treatment: Rezger Raza Chouchani
(6 June 2008, MDE 14/014/2008)


Unrestrained powers: Torture by Algeria's Military Security (10 Jul 2006, MDE 28/004/2006)

Briefing to the UN Human Rights Committee (1 Oct 2007, MDE 28/017/2007)

Briefing to the Committee against Torture (17 April 2008, MDE 28/001/2008)

The Wire, February 2008

Press statements:
Algeria: New Amnesty Law Will Ensure Atrocities go unpunished (joint statement with FIDH, HRW, ICTJ, 1 March 2006)

Algeria: UN rights body criticizes pervasive climate of impunity (2 November 2007)

Cases/ Actions/ Campaign Materials:
Salah Saker, disappeared in 1994 (The Wire, August 2007)

Update figures in the August 2008 edition (The Wire, August 2008)


Pakistan: Denying the Undeniable: Enforced Disappearances in Pakistan (23 July 2008, ASA 33/018/2008)

Pakistan: Working to stop human rights violations in the "war on terror" (8 December 2006, ASA 33/051/2006)

Pakistan: Human rights ignored in the "war on terror" (29 September 2006 ASA 33/036/2006)

Press Releases:
Pakistan: New government must seize the opportunity to reveal the truth about enforced disappearances
(23 July 2008)

Pakistan: Restore judges deposed under emergency law (28 April 2008)

Cases/ Actions/ Campaign Materials:
Enforced Disappearances - Disappeared Justice in Pakistan (1 August 2008 ASA 33/022/2008)

Act Now For Masood Janjua (1 August 2008, ASA 33/020/2008)

Act Now For Atiq-ur Rehman (1 August 2008, ASA 33/021/2008)

Press statements/ news features:
Pakistan judges under the hammer (30 November 2007)

Pakistan: Hopes dashed for Pakistan's disappeared (13 November 2007)

Oral statement on the outcome on Pakistan under the Universal Periodic Review (12 June 2008, Index Number: IOR 41/030/2008)

Cases/ Actions/ Campaign Materials:
Pakistan: At least 485 victims of enforced disappearance (13 November 2007, ASA 33/037/2007)

Kosovo (Serbia): The challenge to fix a failed UN justice mission (29 January 2008, AI Index: EUR 70/001/2008, January 2008)

Chad: More than 14 army officers and civilians arrested in April 2006 still held incommunicado (Appeal case, 1 June 2007)

Greece: Investigation not extradition: Threatened return of human rights defender to Pakistan highlights failures in investigation of alleged abductions (9 January 2007, EUR 25/001/2007)

USA: Another CIA detainee facing death penalty trial by military commission (2 April 2008, AI Index: AMR 51/027/2008)

USA: The assault on international law continues – another secret detainee transferred to Guantánamo (17 March 2008, AI Index: AMR 51/021/2008)

USA: Memorandum to the US Government on the report of the UN Committee Against Torture and the question of closing Guantánamo (23 June 2006, AI Index: AMR 51/093/2006)

USA: UN Committee Against Torture condemns US detention policies, calls for change (19 May 2006
AI Index: AMR 51/079/2006)

USA: Below the radar: Secret flights to torture and ‘disappearance’ (5 April 2006, AMR 51/051/2006)

El Salvador: Find the disappeared children (24 July 2008, AI Index: AMR 29/002/2008)

Mexico: A positive but insufficient step. Mexico ratifies the Convention on Enforced Disappearance
(26 March 2008, AMR 41/015/2008)