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Posté le 15:18 (GMT) août 9, 2011

Amnesty's huge success on the U2 360° tour!

Amnesty International volunteers at Estadio Morumbi, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Amnesty International was fortunate enough to have been invited by U2 and tour promoter Live Nation to join the incredible U2 360° tour – the world’s highest grossing concert tour.

Amnesty volunteers all over the world were present at each and every one of the 110 shows on the 2 year tour.  Over 7 million people in 30 countries saw Amnesty’s involvement in the shows! 

The tour has just finished, and our incredibly hard working volunteers engaged a phenomenal 200,310 people to support Amnesty's Demand Dignity campaign.

The Demand Dignity campaign aims to end the human rights violations that drive and deepen global poverty. It’s a campaign about all rights, because it’s the combined abuse of civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights that drives and deepens poverty.

U2 fans took action on a issues ranging from slums/forced evictions, discrimination against Roma and indigenous peoples, maternal mortality, reproductive rights, access to HIV treatment and corporate accountability in the Niger Delta.  We are already seeing results from our campaign pressure. For example, the Roma community in Slovenia who had no access to running water and were told by the authorities that they should use rainwater for drinking have now been promised water pipes to their settlement.

In the words of our Secretary General, Salil Shetty:

“Music has a unique power. It brings people together and inspires us to take action. Through their unwavering passion, dedication and support for human rights, U2 have encouraged thousands of people to join Amnesty International´s quest for dignity, freedom, justice and truth over the last 27 years.

I have seen that dedication and support on-stage and amongst the crowds, and by demanding human rights for all, U2 and their many fans around the world have shown that we are greater than the sum of our parts and that every individual can help to end human rights abuses.”  

Watch this space for news on other concerts and tours we are involved with!

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octobre 19, 2011

Wow. Not only are you great people for doing this but you are also very lucky. I'd almost give anything to be able to go around on this tour helping people and seeing the world. Great job!