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Further information on UA: 35/13 Index: MDE 31/005/13 Yemen Date: 14 February 2013



Ahmed Saleh Abdullah al-Ma’ouri was executed in Yemen on 13 February.

Ahmed Saleh Abdullah al-Ma’ouri was executed on 13 February by shooting. Amnesty International spoke to him by phone, moments before he was taken to the prison square for the execution.

He was being held in solitary confinement in a prison in al-Baydha, south-east of the capital, Sana’a. He had been first sentenced to death for murder in 2003. The Court of Appeal and Supreme Court upheld the sentence in 2004 but he was later pardoned, first by some members of his family and subsequently by then President Ali Abdullah Saleh, in January 2006. Soon afterwards, however, other blood relatives of the victims lodged a fresh complaint against Ahmed Saleh Abdullah al-Ma’ouri, which resulted in him being prosecuted and sentenced to death a second time in September 2006. The Court of Appeal upheld his sentence in 2008, as did the Supreme Court in 2010. The then President pardoned him again in 2010 on the basis that a pardon had been granted by the victims’ family, but later withdrew the pardon for reasons not known to Amnesty International and ordered the execution to go ahead.

Amnesty International spoke to the prison authorities in al-Baydha in an attempt to halt the execution on 13 February. They responded that they would only delay it if the public prosecution ordered them to do so. When Amnesty International spoke to Ahmed Saleh Abdullah al-Ma’ouri, in possibly his last phone call, he tried to pass the phone to a representative of the public prosecution present but the official refused to speak to Amnesty International.

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Ahmed Saleh Abdullah al-Ma’ouri EXECUTED

ADditional Information

Amnesty International has longstanding concerns about the use of the death penalty in Yemen, particularly as death sentences are often passed after proceedings that fall short of fair trial standards. In 2012, dozens were executed. In 2011, at least 41 people were executed and in 2010, at least 62. Hundreds of people are believed to be under sentence of death.

Amnesty International acknowledges the right and responsibility of governments to bring to justice those suspected of recognizable criminal offences, but is unconditionally opposed to the death penalty in all cases as the ultimate cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment, and a violation of the right of life.

Name: Ahmed Saleh Abdullah al-Ma’ouri

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Further information on UA: 35/13 Index: MDE 31/005/13 Issue Date: 14 February 2013