Document - Qatar. Un ancien diplomate saoudien et sa famille arrivés au Maroc. Mishal bin Zaar Hamad al Mutiry


Further information on UA: 1/13 Index: MDE 22/003/13 Qatar Date: 24 January 2013


Saudi ex-diplomat and family reach Morocco

Former Saudi Arabian diplomat Mishal bin Zaar Hamad al-Mutiry left Qatar safely on 18 January and is now in Morocco.

Former Saudi Arabian diplomat Mishal bin Zaar Hamad al-Mutiry (50) left Qatar on 18 January with his family, and reached Morocco on the same day. They were assisted by the National Human Rights Committee in Qatar, who helped pay for their travel there.

Mishal bin Zaar Hamad al-Mutiry was dismissed from his job at the Saudi Arabian embassy in the Dutch city of The Hague in 2003, after he complained to the Saudi Arabian authorities that the embassy was involved in funding terrorism. He subsequently made this allegation public. He was granted political asylum in the Netherlands in September 2004.

He told Amnesty International that in 2006 he was taken at gunpoint by men in civilian clothes – whom he believed to be Saudi Arabian agents – from the Netherlands to the Belgian capital, Brussels, by car. He said that one of his sons was taken away in another car. Once in Brussels he was told to fly to the Saudi Arabian capital, Riyadh. He said, “I had no option but to go as they had my son”. He was detained upon arrival and held for six months in the General Directorate of Investigations prison in Riyadh. He was reportedly detained incommunicado for about a week during which he was said to have been subjected to torture or other ill-treatment, including being beaten and made to stand for hours. He was released without charge but forbidden to leave Saudi Arabia. His son was also returned to Saudi Arabia, but not detained.

Mishal bin Zaar Hamad al-Mutiry managed to flee Saudi Arabia to neighbouring Qatar on 11 August 2011. On 1 September 2012 the Qatari authorities arrested him with the apparent intention of returning him to Saudi Arabia. They released him about a week later, following pressure by human rights NGOs.

He was called by a senior Qatari police official on 2 January 2013 and told that the Ministry of Interior had written to say that he should leave Qatar within 48 hours. When he said he could not afford to leave Qatar, he was asked to hand himself over to the authorities, who would take care of deporting him to Saudi Arabia. He was asked repeatedly by the authorities to leave Qatar.

Mishal bin Zaar Hamad al-Mutiry has thanked Amnesty International for its efforts. We will continue to monitor the situation, in case the Saudi Arabian authorities request that the Moroccan authorities forcibly return him.

No further action is requested from the UA network. Many thanks to all who sent appeals.

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Name: Mishal bin Zaar Hamad al-Mutiry (previously spelled as al-Mutairy)

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Further information on UA: 1/13 Index: MDE 22/003/13 Issue Date: 24 January 2013