Document - Turquie. Renvois forcés. Ayoub Parniyani ; Aysha Khaeirzade (f) ; Komas Parniyani

PUBLIC AI Index: EUR 44/013/2008

14 July 2008

Further Information on UA 269/07 (EUR 44/019/2007, 22 October 2007) – Forcible return

TURKEY Ayoub Parniyani (m)

Aysha Khaeirzade (f), his wife

Komas Parniyani (m), their son

Amnesty International has recently learned that Iranian Kurdish refugee Ayoub Parniyani was forcibly returned to Iraq on 19 October 2007, along with his wife and son. He claims that the Turkish authorities threatened to send them to Iran instead, and forced him to sign a document in Turkish that he could not read. All three were detained on arrival in northern Iraq. Aysha Khaeirzade and Komas Parniyani were released after two days, while Ayoub Parniyani was held for 20 days.

In February 2008 the family travelled to Turkey. Ayoub Parniyani was arrested in the eastern city of Mus and was again forcibly returned to northern Iraq, on 16 March, on the orders of a court in Mus despite telling the court that he had been recognized as a refugee in Turkey.

Ayoub Parniyani had fled Iran in 1995, and was granted refugee status, together with his wife and son, in 1999, by the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in northern Iraq. He fled to Turkey in January 2002, and lived there with his wife and son until he was forcibly returned to Iraq. In December 2003 the UNHCR office in the Turkish capital, Ankara, granted him and his family refugee status in Turkey.

No further action is requested from the UA network. Many thanks to all who sent appeals.