Document - Pakistan elections: Spokespeople available on human rights concerns


AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL Media Advisory AI index: ASA 33/005/2013 10 May 2013

Pakistan elections: Spokespeople available on human rights concerns On 11 May, Pakistan is holding its general elections – marking the first time in its history one elected civilian government will be replaced by another. The election campaign has been marked by a wave of deadly attacks by militant groups like the Taliban, while the new government will face substantial human rights challenges. Mustafa Qadri, Amnesty International’s Pakistan Researcher, is available for interviews throughout the weekend. Possible talking points: • Election-related violence by militant groups • Human rights challenges facing the new government • Persistent human rights abuses in the tribal areas and Balochistan • Freedom of expression • Enforced disappearances by state agents • Blasphemy laws and discrimination against religious minorities Background: “Election candidates must prioritise human rights”, Open Letter, 25 April 2013 “End election-related violence, prioritize human rights in election campaigning”, Press Release, 24 April 2013. To arrange an interview, please contact: Amnesty International Press Office in London: +44 (0) 777 847 2126 or End/ Olof Blomqvist Press Officer Asia/Pacific Media Programme, Amnesty International – International Secretariat Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7413 5871 Mobile: +44 (0) 790 4397 956 Out of hours Press Mobile (7pm GMT – 9am GMT and weekends) +44 (0) 777 847 2126 @olofblomqvist