Document - Guantánamo : 10 années de torts causés à des êtres humains, en 10 chiffres


AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL �MEDIA BRIEFING �EMBARGO: 1 November 2012, 00:01Hs GMT �AI Index: AMR 51/091/2012��Guantánamo: 10 years of human wrongs in 10 numbers ��It's nearly 11 years since the transfer of the first detainees to the US detention centre in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. ��779 detainees have been held in Guantánamo, the vast majority without charge or criminal trial. ��At least 12 of those held at Guantánamo were under 18 years old when taken into custody. ��More than 150 men are still held in Guantánamo. ��1 Guantánamo detainee has been transferred to the US mainland for trial in US federal court ��7 detainees have been convicted by military commission, five as a result of pre-trial agreements under which they pled guilty four of whom have been repatriated. ��On 16 October 2012, the conviction of one of the two detainees in whose case there had not been a pre-trial agreement and who had therefore gone to trial was overturned by a US appeals court which found that “material support for terrorism” was not a war crime under US law at the time of his alleged conduct for which he was tried under the Military Commissions Act of 2006. ��6 detainees currently are facing the possibility of death sentences after unfair trial by military commission. ��9 detainees have died while in US custody in Guantánamo, the most recent in September 2012. According to the authorities, six of the previous eight deaths were the result of suicide, two of natural causes. � �About 600 detainees have been transferred from Guantánamo to other countries since 2002 ��48 detainees would neither be released nor tried, but would be held in indefinite detention according to the Obama administration in 2010.