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The Wire, October 2007. Vol. 37, No. 9

, N° d'index: NWS 21/009/2007

1) Fear and violence in the wild north 2) Bush gives green light to CIA secret detention 3) Stop the Death Penalty -The World Decides: Why a global moratorium on executions now?; Africa round-up; The death penalty in Iraq - an instrument of injustice; Facts and figures: 2006 4) Uzbekistan: A grave for Dmitry Chikunov 5) Updates and appeals: Saudi Arabia; Iran; Yemen; USA 6) Worldwide Appeals: Iraq: Women on death row; Saudi Arabia/Nigeria: At risk of execution; Japan: Executed in secrecy 7) Torture by police remains widespread in Moldova 8) AI face to face 9) International Poverty Day 17 October 10) Europe silent on renditions

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