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The Wire, May 2005. Vol. 35, No. 4.

, N° d'index: NWS 21/004/2005

1) UN resolution to end impunity in Darfur 2) Brazilian Indians betrayed by government inaction 3) Domestic workers face multiple abuses in Gulf States 4) Peace Community under attack from both sides in Colombia 5) UN Secretary-General proposes bold steps to strengthen human rights 6) Worldwide appeals: Iraq: 'Disappearances' in Kurdistan; Mexico: Environmental activist imprisoned; Qatar: Woman forcibly confined to family home; Greece: Conscientious objectors in danger of arrest 7) Updates: Yemen releases editor; Death penalty in 2004 8) Zimbabwean activist vows to fight on 9) China releases prisoner of conscience after five years 10) AI launches trade union action for Bhopal disaster victims

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