In the context of the UPR, Amnesty International makes the following recommendations to Israel:


Violations of the Convention against Torture:
•    To ensure that all allegations or torture or other ill-treatment are investigated promptly, thoroughly and impartially by an independent body, that alleged perpetrators are brought to justice, and reparations are provided to victims, as agreed by Israel in the previous UPR;
•    To legislate an absolute ban on torture by annulling the “defence of necessity” in “ticking-bomb scenarios”;
•    To declare evidence obtained under duress as inadmissible in court.


Imprisonment of conscientious objectors to military service:
•    To immediately and unconditionally release anyone deprived of their liberty for conscientious objection;
•    To introduce non-punitive civilian alternatives to military service which respect the right to freedom of conscience.


Protecting the rights of minorities within Israel, in principle adopted by Israel in the previous UPR:
•    To end all forms of discrimination against minorities, including Palestinian citizens of Israel;
•    To legally recognize excluded Bedouin villages in the Negev/Naqab and to halt demolitions and forced evictions in these villages until zoning and planning laws comply with the international prohibition on discrimination;
•    To annul the law that prevents the family unification of Israeli citizens with spouses from the OPT.


International human rights law and humanitarian law in the Occupied Palestinian Territories:
•    To accept the applicability of human rights treaties and the Fourth Geneva Convention in the OPT;
•    To remove Israeli settlements from the OPT, which were established in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention whereby an occupying power shall not settle its civilian population in the territory it occupies.


The International Court of Justice’s opinion on the wall:
•    To dismantle the fence/wall where its route encroaches on the OPT and compensate Palestinians for losses due to the fence/wall’s construction.


Investigations of alleged war crimes and possible crimes against humanity:
•    To ensure that all allegations of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity committed during Operation “Cast Lead” are thoroughly and impartially investigated, and that anyone found responsible for crimes is brought to justice;
•    To cooperate with international mechanisms for accountability by giving access to UN missions.


The Prevention of Infiltration Law:
•    To ensure that the treatment of refugees and asylum-seekers conforms to the 1951 Refugee Convention.


The death penalty:
•    To abolish the death penalty for all crimes.


Detention without trial and detention conditions:
•    To release immediately and unconditionally all individuals held solely for the non-violent exercise of their rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly;
•    To end the practice of administrative detention and to release all administrative detainees unless they are promptly charged with recognizably criminal offences and tried in accordance with international fair trial standards.
•    End the practice of forcible exile or transfer of Palestinians from the OPT or from the West Bank to Gaza;
•    To ensure that no prisoner or detainee is punished in any way for non-violent protests such as hunger strikes;
•    To ensure that all Palestinians from the OPT in Israeli custody are held in prisons and detention centres inside the OPT, in conditions which fully meet international standards, including in relation to access to families, lawyers and, when necessary, independent doctors.


Forced evictions:
•    To stop house demolitions and forced evictions in the OPT and transfer planning responsibilities to Palestinian communities;
•    To ensure victims of forced evictions have access to effective remedies and full reparations;
•    Remove Israeli settlements from the OPT;
•    To ensure that Israeli settlers who commit acts of violence against Palestinians are prosecuted, and that victims are granted compensation.


Arbitrary restrictions on the right to freedom of movement:
•    To completely lift the blockade on the Gaza Strip;
•    To ensure that the rights to health, education, an adequate standard of living, and other rights dependent on the right to be free from arbitrary restrictions on freedom of movement, are respected.



Israel: Amnesty International's submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review

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