In the context of the UPR, Amnesty International makes the following recommendations to the Czech Republic

Follow up to the previous review:
•    To strengthen the enforcement of anti-discrimination legislation in securing access to justice for victims by allowing NGOs and other actors to bring cases of discrimination to courts through public interest litigation (actio popularis)

Discrimination of Romani children in access to education:

•    To adopt an immediate moratorium on the placement of all children, including Romani children, in practical schools and classes where an inferior curriculum is taught, pending a comprehensive review to assess the need for this category of schools;
•    To confirm the commitment by the Ministry of Education to implement the National Action Plan for Inclusive Education;
•    To ensure the effective implementation of the National Action Plan for Inclusive Education, including by making available the necessary human and other resources and by adequate funding from the Ministry of Education and other relevant government agencies;
•    To provide the necessary resources to ensure that additional support is immediately available for children who need it in order to effectively participate in and develop to their fullest potential within the mainstream elementary school system;
•    To develop a concrete timeline for the transfer of all Romani children erroneously placed in practical schools to mainstream schools containing a mix of Roma and non-Roma pupils;
•    To develop a comprehensive plan and timeline with clear, achievable and ambitious annual targets to eliminate the segregation of Romani children within the mainstream education system;
•    To systematically gather data, disaggregated on the basis of gender, ethnicity and disability status, in relation to education, with due regard to European standards concerning the protection of personal data and the right to self-identification, in order to monitor and ensure that there is no segregation in education;
•    To ensure that the Office of Public Defender of Rights is adequately resourced to monitor the desegregation of schools and the integration of children from practical elementary schools into mainstream elementary schools.



Czech Republic: Amnesty International's submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review

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