05 mayo 2011
Clean up the oil industry in the Niger Delta

Endemic oil industry pollution in the Niger Delta has put people's health at risk and damaged livelihoods, pushing many people deeper into poverty.

Image: Oil at Ikarama, Bayelsa State, eight months after the spill. There are often long delays clearing up after oil spills in the Niger Delta.

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Appeal for Action


Send an email to the President of Nigeria urging him to commit to cleaning up the Niger Delta and regulate the oil industry.

Clean up the oil industry in the Niger Delta

Your Excellency,

I am very concerned about the impact that oil industry pollution is having on the human rights of people in the Niger Delta. Traditional livelihoods such as fishing and agriculture have been damaged and the reduced access to safe food and clean water has put thousands of people's health at risk.

I urge you to:

- Enforce existing laws and reform legislation to ensure the oil industry is effectively regulated.

- Publicly commit to clean up oil pollution in full consultation with affected communities.

- Ensure that the human rights impact of oil industry pollution is closely monitored and the results made publicly available.

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