Bahrain: fear of torture / medical concern

Bahrain: fear of torture / medical concern

Índice: MDE 11/002/1996
Fecha de publicación: 2 febrero 1996
Categorías: Bahréin, Oriente Medio y Norte de África

Shaikh 'Abd al-'Amir Mansur al-Jamri, Shaikh Hassan Sultan, Shaikh 'Ali Ashour, Shaikh 'Ali bin Ahmad al-Jeddhafsi, Shaikh Hussein Al-Deihi, Hassan Meshema'a, Sayyed Ibrahim Adnan al-Alawi, Abdul Wahab Hussein and many others: the eight prominent Muslim Shi'a leaders and religious figures named above, arrested on 22 January 1996, are among hundreds reported to have been arrested and held in incommunicado dteention following recent protests in Bahrain. AI fears that all those detained are at risk of torture. Shaikh al-Jamri, Hassan Meshema'a and Abdul Wahab Hussein embarked on a hunger-strike at the end of January 1996. Their present medical condition and whereabouts are unknown.

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