South Korea: Prisoner of conscience: Park In-bae

South Korea: Prisoner of conscience: Park In-bae

Índice: ASA 25/028/1991
Fecha de publicación: 30 septiembre 1991
Categorías: Asia y Oceanía, Corea del Sur

Park In-bae is a 38-year-old stage director who has been sentenced to two years' imprisonment for his non-violent political activities. He is Chairperson of the Seoul Labourers' Cultural Federation, an affiliate of the Korean National Artists' Federation. Park In-bae was accused of distributing illegal tape recordings between 1989 and the date of his arrest, April 1991. Nobody else involved in the manufacture or distribution of the tapes, or in the writing or performance of the material recorded on them has been arrested. Park In-bae was also accused of keeping the profits from the sale of the tapes; the Seoul Labourers' Cultural Federation has denied this charge. Park In-bae reportedly has diabetes and tuberculosis and immediate hospitalization has been recommended

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