Documento - Further information on UA 463/90 (MDE 11/03/90, 15 November and follow-up MDE 11/04/90, 16 November) - Bahrain: legal concern: Ahmad al-Maqabi, Hussein al-Tattan, Hadi al-Musawi

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20 November 1990

Further information on UA 463/90 (MDE 11/03/90, 15 November 1990) and follow-up MDE 11/04/90 (16 November 1990) - Legal Concern

BAHRAIN:Ahmad al-Maqabi

Hussein al-Tattan

Hadi al-Musawi

The three people named above were arrested in June 1989 and held in incommunicado detention for several months, during which time they were allegedly subjected to torture to make them confess to membership of an unauthorized organization. They were brought to trial and on 7 November acquitted of all charges. Despite this acquittal, Hussein al-Tattan and Hadi al-Musawi were not released until 15 November. Ahmad al-Maqabi remained in custody.

Amnesty International has just been informed that Ahmad al-Maqabi was released on 17 November.

No further action is therefore required. Many thanks to all who sent appeals on behalf of the above.

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