Documento - Further information on UA 324/92 (EUR 44/102/92, 21 October) - Turkey: alleged ill-treatment / hunger-strike: Faruk Tarla, Huseyin Kurt, Huseyin Akduman, Ismet Kalabaktas, Ercan Karatas, Deniz Sarikaya, Kader Aksu, Aysel Erdem

EXTERNAL (for general distribution)AI Index: EUR 44/105/92

Distr: UA/SC

23 October 1992

Further information on UA 324/92 (EUR 44/102/92, 21 October 1992) - Alleged Il-Treatment/Hunger-Strike

TURKEY:Faruk Tarla

Hüseyin Kurt

Hüseyin Akduman

İsmet Kalabaktaş

Ercan Karataş

Deniz Sarıkaya, aged 17

Kader Aksu, aged 16

Aysel Erdem (female), aged 14

The hunger-strike of about 100 political prisoners in Buca Closed Prison in Izmir has ended. Reportedly, most of the prisoners' demands are being met by the authorities. Three of the prisoners who were said to be in very serious condition are receiving medical treatment.

No further action is required and we thank participants for sending appeals.

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