Documento - TURQUÍA. Preocupación por la salud / malos tratos

PUBLIC AI Index: EUR 44/008/2008

22 April 2008

Further Information on UA 90/08 (EUR 44/007/2008, 09 April 2008) Health concern/ill-treatment

TURKEY Cuneyt Ertus (m) aged 15

Cuneyt Ertus was released on 11 April and is now receiving medical treatment following his arrest on 22 March. The 15 year-old was arrested and detained by police after Newroz (New Year) demonstrations in the south-eastern city of Hakkari.

Television footage showed plainclothes police officers apparently injuring Cuneyt Ertus’ arm while he

was under their control and not resisting arrest. Amnesty International called for him to be given an urgent independent medical examination and appropriate treatment, which he is now receiving. Calls for a prompt, impartial and effective investigation into the actions of the police officers have still to be met.

No further action is required from the UA Network. Many thanks to all those who sent appeals.

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