Documento - Romania: Activists in action against forced evictions in Cluj



MEDIA ADVISORY ��AI Index: EUR 39/014/2012

14 December 2012

�Activists in action against forced evictions in Cluj

��A series of events organized by non-governmental organizations will focus attention on the plight of 76 mostly Roma families from Coastei street in Cluj two years after they were forcibly evicted on 17 December 2010 and relocated to the isolated area of Pata Rât. ��Around 1,500 Roma live in four locations in the polluted Pata Rât (Colina Verde, Cantonului, Dallas, landfill). Half of them are children. Around 42% were moved there by local authorities. They live segregated, in substandard housing conditions, with limited access to basic services such as water and electricity, far from social services and employment. Fellow citizens of multicultural Cluj are expected to act in solidarity with them. ��The local and national authorities have an obligation to respect human rights of Roma people in Cluj and to develop needs-based solutions for the territorial inclusion of Roma who have been pushed to the margins. ��WHAT, WHEN, WHERE�17 December 2012, 17.00-17.15 (at the front entrance of the City Hall) �Pata Rat 2012. We belong to the city!�Images from Pata Rât projected onto the walls of the City Hall will symbolically bring the community back to the city from where they were forcibly evicted two years ago, calling on the municipality to assume its responsibilities towards the people from Pata Rat.��Organizers: Working Group of Civil Society Organizations, Community Association of Roma from Coastei, AltArt, Amnesty International and the European Roma Rights Centre. �17 December 2012, 18.00-20.00 (at "", Brassai street nr. 5) �PATA RÂT 2012. No Place for Roma? �A display of products created jointly by adults and children from Pata Rât, and artists from Cluj will highlight the impact on Roma of the time they spend marginalized and segregated in Pata Rât area. ��Organizers:, Community Association of Roma from Coastei, Foundation Desire. �18 December 2011, 17.00-20.00 (at the Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, Traian Mosoiu street nr. 71, room 5/2) �Pata Rat 2012. Roadmaps for Roma. �A public debate will focus on the key issues and prospects for the Roma of Pata Rât. It will start with Amnesty International Austria activists and representatives of the Coastei community, delivering a petition with signatures gathered across the world to the mayor of Cluj-Napoca. ��Amnesty International's campaign has been calling on the mayor of Cluj-Napoca to remedy the injustice suffered by people who were forcibly evicted by the municipality on 17 December 2010. Romani people living in Pata Rât will have a voice on their future, as well as representatives of Amnesty International, the European Roma Rights Centre, and the Working Group of Civil Organisations, in dialogue with the Mayor of Cluj’s Office, the United National Development Programme, the Cluj County Council and Prefecture, the North-West Development Agency, the National Council for Combating Discrimination, and national NGO Romani CRISS. ��Organizers: Amnesty International, the European Roma Rights Centre, Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences at the Babes-Bolyai University and the Working Group of Civil Society Organizations. �For more information and to arrange for an interview please contact: �Catrinel Motoc, AI - campaigner: (Romanian, English): +40 754 962 271 �Barbora Cernusakova, AI - researcher English): +40 761 977 513; or +44 77 783 549 24 �Adrian Dohotaru, gLOC - event organizer (Romanian, English): +40 740 070 531 �Eniko Vincze, gLOC - event organizer: (Romanian, English): +40 740 137 561

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