Documento - China: Localizada pareja china que estaba en paradero desconocido.


Further information UA: 192/12 Index: ASA 17/036/2012 China Date: 19 September 2012


missing chinese couple located

On 5 September Li Wangling – sister of the recently deceased veteran dissident Li Wangyang – and her husband Zhao Baozhu, were found at a construction site in Shaoyang city, China after being subjected to enforced disappearance for 90 days. Although not in official custody, they are under tight police surveillance.

On 5 September, at around 2.00 pm, Tang Jingling – lawyer of Li Wangling and Zhao Baozhu – was able to talk to the couple, together with two Hong Kong journalists. According to Tang Jingling, who was previously unable to contact them, Li Wangling and Zhao Baozhu were found working at a construction site near their home in Shaoyang city, Hunan province. However, for security reasons, they were only able to talk for approximately 10 minutes.

According to the lawyer, Li Wangling and Zhao Baozhu appeared nervous upon seeing the lawyer and journalists, and advised them to quickly leave before the police discovered them. The couple confirmed that although they were not under official custody, they were being closely watched by the local police.

Amnesty International will continue to monitor the situation of the couple and will, through other channels, call for the Shaoyang authorities to respect the couple’s freedom of movement and expression. Moreover, we will continue to call on the Chinese government to order a prompt, thorough and independent investigation into Li Wangyang’s death and publish the findings.

Many thanks to all those who sent appeals. No further action is required.

This is the first update of UA 192/12. Further information:

Name: Li Wangling (f), Zhao Baozhu (m)

Gender m/f: Both

Further information on UA: 192/12 Index: ASA 17/036/2012 Issue Date: 19 September 2012


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